Difference Between Roller Shutter and Blinds

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Roller shutters and blinds

Roller shutters keep you out of sun’s heat, reduce noise, offer complete privacy , protect your home against intruders and protect you from harsh UV rays. In this article, we are going to discuss their benefits, features, technologies and accessories in detail.

The benefits and features

#Proven bush fire protection

Modern roller shutters create a barrier to prevent damages that may be caused by bush fires, and they also burn embers from entering your home.

#The very best quality

They are designed with the highest quality materials, to meet needs of high risk commercial premises like retail shops, industrial warehouses and your home.


They provide superior defense against burglary and vandalism, to protect your home against intruders.


They add a secure and flexible privacy to your premises and family members, both at night and day. It provides privacy because it has an automatic locking system.

#Extreme weather protection

Roller shutters do not rattle in high winds, heavy rainfall, peak bush exposure and hail. It also protects you from broken glasses, flying debris and fallen tree, which may accompany severe storms.

#Light control

Modern roller shutters are easily adjustable to give you complete control over light and ventilation. This enables you to deliver a true cinema experience in your home theaters.

#Noise control

Roller shutters reduce noise transmission through a window opening by up to 50%. The insulation within the shutters protect you from unwanted noise like traffic, dogs, airplanes and lawn mowers, and they are perfect for people who have young children, and shift workers.

Modern roller shutter technology

#1 – E-Series

This technology combines inconvenience of motorization with affordability of manual shutter in a clever, easy to use and 1 button system. E-Series are suitable for retro-fitting to existing the roller shutters.

Benefits of E-Series

#Easy to use

#Best for bush fire prone areas

#Reduce your energy bills

#Installation requires no electrician

#Has no exposed tape controls

#No minimum restrictions for width, and it is suitable for bay windows

#Operate multiple roller shutters

#2 – Enviro Blind window shutters

They are friendly to the environment, and uses water as blowing agent instead using roller shuttersblowing agent that has ozone depleting potential. They reduce your energy costs by lessening heat that comes into your home in summer, and reducing heat loss through your windows during winter.

Modern roller shutter accessories

#Cleaning kit

This has all essentials you require, and this kit has specially formulated liquid to protect and maintain your shutters properly.

#Electronic control system

Modern shutters use the latest electric operations from Somfy Tubular Motors. These operations are available in a range of options for remote control, and provide an operation range of up to 200 meters through 2 concrete walls.

#Shutter pelmet box

These boxes are available in 4 standard colors, and they add a touch of class to your shutter. They are available in a traditional square and contemporary round feature which has four varying sizes.

#Manual winder

Manual winder operating systems can lift to a capacity of 5 meter square, and this depends on your installation type. They maximize reliability of shutters, and they are easy to install and use. They also give a cost effective solution to manual operation.

#Strap operation

Strap operating systems provide an easy alternative to suit your budget and needs, and they also have a lifting capacity of up to 3 meter square depending on your shutter type.

Australian Wide Suppliers:

There are may suppliers of roller and security shutters around the country. You best bet is to search online and simply visit their websites to get the best idea on the best product. Prices will vary, but many of the products will come from the same factory so you also want to check that out. Our recommendation for best roller shutters in Adelaide is here.

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