How SEO Has Improved Business Communication

Posted by sydneybush on May 1, 2017 in Adelaide Business |

You would have heard of SEO and how it has completely changed the face of online business communication.

So what exactly is Search Engine Optimization or more commonly known as SEO?

In simple words, it is doing things that increase the traffic to your website, increasing unique visits so that your website appears at the higher ranking in the search engine results. It is nothing less than a boon for businesses that exclusively work online and also for startups to get a boost in the marketing world. Search engines work in four steps – it begins with crawling data, building an index, estimating the relevance of the subject entered in the search box and displaying the results according to rankings.

The value of the page is weighed, calculated against others and only then the rankings are established. Various factors that affect SEO are inbound and outbound links, the density of the focus keyword, how the words are placed within the structure, the readability of the text and the type of images uploaded. SEO is all about communication. Search Engine Optimization has improved business communication in several ways –

1. It increases your business visibility in the overwhelming world of the internet. It best seo Adelaidehelps grow your business by monitoring latest trends and utilizing various techniques to fetch the best possible group of clients. It narrows down the people whom you want to cater to.

2. SEO is an essential part of the marketing mix and makes a manager’s task easier to convert traffic into sales and ultimately into profit

3. It plays a very important role in social media sharing. Meta description and title tags are SEO specific parameters that decide your ranking in the search bar of various social media platforms. Higher the ranking, the greater number of people will search for your business, resulting in higher communication.

4. SEO is cheap. It means you get a larger coverage as compared to the salary you will need to pay a marketing official. And also, it is available round the clock, works the way you command it and is easy to deal with. If you calculate, you do save a lot of money.

5. Around 74% of the people use keywords to search various things while only 26% use links to search. Thus, the keywords used play an important role in Google, Yahoo or Bing listings. It definitely goes beyond the internet but with digitalization being the present and the future, running a business has never been so easy.

6. You don’t need to spend much time on it. Marketing techniques have become much simpler after the advent of SEO. The reach is higher than it would have been without SEO. More time can be given to other important aspects of the business such as financing, product development, and customer service.

Finding clients is only a click away, unlike before where you were needed to use Yellow Books to find contacts. Everything is right in front of you; all you have to do is pick up what you want. It isn’t every man’s cup of tea to become an SEO expert, it is an art just like writing, painting and requires an in-depth research understand what SEO exactly is.

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